Diagnostic Tests
Identify specific areas of weakness or strength in order determine a condition or illness or diseases.
Blood Tests
An imaging method that uses x-rays to create detailed pictures of the heart and its blood vessels.
Door Step Sample Collections
We proudly offer you the door step services fot sample collections
Pathological Testing
We boast of a well equipped pathological lab in which we examine body tissues to detect & diagnose malfunctions.
ECG Diagnostic Centres
Skilled doctors high end equipment enables us to give you quick and accurate results of your ECG.
Anemia Panel 2
Haemogram, iron and tibic, liver function test, Renal profile,ferratin, vitamin b12, folic acid
Anemia panel Basic
Haemogram, iron and tibic, vitamin b12
Antenatal Panel Basic
Haemogram, Blood group ABO And Rh typing,blood sugar,TSH-Thyroid stimulating harmone,HbsAg screening,vdrl, urine C/E
Arthritis Panel
Haemogrm, crp c reactive protein,, calcium, uric acid, ccp antibody, vitamin D Total, RA Factor Quantitative
Basic Health Package
Haemogram, blood sugar, Renal profile, Liver function test, Lipid profile, Urine c/E
Diabetes Panel
Hba1c, glycated haemoglobin, urine microalbumin spot, lipid profile, blood sugar(pp), renal profile, blood sugar (fasting), urine c/e
Health package 2
Haemogram, lipid profile, calcium, liver function test, ptassium, sodium, renal profile, blood sugar(Fasting) thyroid profile (T3,T4 TSH)
children Health Packages
Blood group ABO, Rh typing, haemogram, liver function test, calcium, Vitamin D Total urine c/e, stool Re
Healthy 60 Males
Haemogram, Renal profile, calcium, potassium, Rsa-Total prostate specific antigen,Total, blood sugar (fasting), liver function test, lipid profile, sodium, Vitamin D25, Hydroxy, Urine c/e, ECG
Hypertension Panel
cretinine, uric acid, blood sugar (fasting), urea, sodium , ptassium, lipid profile, urine c/e
Infertility comprehensive panel females
progesterone,FSH-Follicle stimulating Harmone, AMH Mullerian inhibiting substance, LH- Luteinzing harmone, E2 estradiol, TSH, Prolactin
comprehensive health Packages
Haemogram, blood sugar(pp), Renal profile, Blood sugar(fasting), Liver function test,, phosphouous inorganic,HsCRP High sensivity CRP, Calcium , lipid profile, electrolytes syrum, vitamin D25, hydroxy, thyroid profile(T3,T4,TSH), urine c/e, Ecg
Kidney panel
Electrolytes serum, total protien, Renal profile, Alkaline phosphatase, phosphorous inorganic, calcium
Liver & Kidney panel
LFT With GGT, RENAL PROFILE, phosphorous inorganic, calcium, electrolytes serum
PCOD Extended panel
AMH MULLERIAN INHIBITING SUBSTANCE, FSH-Folllicle stimulating Harmone, Blood sugar (FASTING), prolactine, LH-Luteinzing harmine, testosterone,TSH-Thyroid stimulating harmone, Total, insulin-Fasting
PCOD Panel
FSH-Folllicle stimulating Harmone, prolactine, LH-Luteinzing harmine, testosterone,TSH-Thyroid stimulating harmone
Pre-Marital check pachages
HB ELECTROPHORESIS, BLOOD ABO And RH Typing,Hiv screening,HBsAG screening,semen analysis
Vitamins Package
vitamin B12, Vitamin D Total
Health package 3
Haemogram ,Blood sugar (fasting), RFT (Renal function test), Lipid profile, Liver Function Test, Thyroid test
Health Package 4
Haemogram ,Blood sugar (fasting), RFT (Renal function test), Lipid profile, Liver Function Test, Thyroid test AND Vitamin D3 total
Health package 5
Haemogram ,Blood sugar (fasting), RFT (Renal function test), Lipid profile, Liver Function Test, Thyroid test ,Vitamin D3 total and Vitamin b12
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We have a state-of-the-art clinic with modern types of equipment. Our clinic is ergonomically designed keeping the patient's comfort in mind. All patients are assured of the best service in a very non-stressful ambience. Thorough attention is paid to hygiene and sanitation. Healthcare is simplified like never before! With our rich knowledge and expertise, be assured of quality healthcare services.
Got my diagnosis done here, it is very precise! I took a good call.
Sara Chavan
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